For the last few years, I have been learning as much as I can about Ample Sound's virtual instruments, working closely with its creator to understand the ins and outs of them, and creating free videos on YouTube for you to learn from.

Now, after countless hours of work, I have created the first of several courses intended to help you master this software. These videos are separated by category and come with exercises you can follow along with, as well as downloadable content for you to use and learn from.

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Detailed Walkthroughs

Watch me leave no stone unturned as I explain every single aspect of the software. All videos are categorized for easy navigation.

Fun Exercises

Every feature will include an easy-to-follow MIDI programming exercise so you can learn hands-on. 

Downloadable Content

Download the videos (they're yours to keep) as well any MIDI, audio, or project file used in the course.