Ample Sound Electric Guitars:

The Complete Course

Get the most out of your Ample Sound electric guitars through easy-to-follow tutorials and fun exercises that cover a broad range of musical genres and playing techniques. 


The Most Comprehensive Course You Will Find On Ample Sound Electric Guitars

Have you been struggling to create convincing electric guitar tracks with your Ample Sound products? Or are you having trouble wrapping your mind around your product's features and capabilities? This is the course for you!

Detailed Walkthroughs

Learn what every knob, button, fader, and menu does. Every topic is categorized and put into a separate video for easier navigation. 

Fun Exercises

Program realistic performances as you cover some of the most popular genres of music as well as the most common playing techniques.  

Downloadable Content

Not only can you download the videos, you can also download the MIDI files included in the exercises, 24-bit WAV files, and project files.