What Is Virtual Musician Academy?

Virtual Musician Academy is a music production course specifically targeted toward people who use virtual instruments in their creative process. Included is one monthly music production project, in-depth training videos, project files, and a community forum for support and troubleshooting. 


Learn To: Create A Track From Start To Finish

Get hands-on experience setting up projects, recording, mixing, editing, mastering, and uploading your tracks to sell on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play.

Learn To: Master The Art of Virtual Instruments

Get the best tips on how to get the most realistic sound out of your virtual instruments via MIDI keyboard or programming within your DAW.

Learn To: Produce Different Styles of Music

Whether you're creating music for yourself or for others, understanding and becoming proficient at different styles of music are essential to becoming more creative and valuable as a producer. We will work with and learn various popular genres.


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